In addition to fostering content competency, it allows students to develop their written and oral communication skills. It generally leads to a Bachelor of Science in Education and state licensure.

Recent graduates of the program are teaching in Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Arizona, but the degree can take students to many places. Teaching is not the only option. Program alumni also pursue graduate study in a variety of fields, and some have gone on to earn commissions in the US Armed Forces.

The program also hosts a vibrant Social Sciences Club, the Native American Club, and the opportunity to participate in a study abroad experience in Cuba.

Graduate Testimonial

Michael Sandstrom

The Social Sciences program combines small class sizes, dedicated and knowledgeable faculty, and a diversity of class offerings to help future social science teachers hone their craft.

Much like the overall college experience that one can expect at Chadron State, the knowledge and skills acquired from the Social Sciences program provide solid footing for what exists beyond the classroom.

Small class sizes can only do so much to mask an ineffective staff, but at Chadron State, they actively sought and pursued a dedicated and knowledgeable Social Sciences staff. This staff was always available to help students by keeping long office hours or opening independent studies based on need. This aid does not cease with graduation, as a year after graduation, I emailed several of my professors with varying issues and received prompt responses. Such a personal touch on education may or may not occur at other institutions, but I can personally attest to its power in fostering student success in the Social Sciences program.

The Social Sciences program is not a one-size-fits-all, but rather is diversified enough to allow students to individualize the program to fit their needs. Social Sciences students will graduate Chadron State College with the ability to teach history, government, sociology, psychology, economics, anthropology and geography courses. This alone adds to a candidate’s viability in a difficult job market, but also students are allowed different specialties within the program.

When I tell people that I would undoubtedly attend Chadron State College again, if given the opportunity, these are not empty words; instead, they are an honest and absolute affirmation of my belief in the direction of the Social Sciences program.

Michael Sandstrom
Social Sciences Teacher
Chadron High School Chadron, NE
U.S. History, AP U.S. History, World History, and Civics